Workshop Information

I present workshops to a variety of groups including, but not limited to, college groups, church congregations and community organizations.  My workshops are informative and interactive.

Here is a sample of some of the workshops I offer:

Blockbuster Love

Based on my book, this workshop explores stages of love relationships. Participants will discuss lessons of love as reflected in film and will do some self-discovery as they identify new ways to create the lasting love they desire.

Blockbuster Marriage

This workshop focuses on helping couples build stronger relationships by identifying weaknesses, enhancing strengths, improving communication and learning new ways to manage conflicts. This workshop is ideal for engaged as well as married couples.

Blockbuster Life

This workshop encourages participates to create the life they desire. It assists group members in gaining clarity regarding life goals and creating a workable plan for achieving them. Problem solving and stress management strategies are explored. And group members are encouraged to identify challenges and learn ways to overcome them.

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