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For Better and Worse: 4 Principles of Love

These four principles of love are what great, lasting relationships are made of.

  • Forgiveness – Letting go of pain can be difficult. It takes work. Stuff has happened in the past that hurt you, and you have every right to be upset. Forgiveness is a process that’s more about the betterment of your life and relationship than it is about letting someone off the hook.
  • Faith – Believe in the best of your partner. When relationships go south is when people start believing in the worst of their partner – you must have faith in their goodness and their ability to do right by you.
  • Fidelity – Cheating breaks trust. This doesn’t mean that you never look at another person, that you’re never attracted to anyone else or that you never think about past loves, it means that you’re honest with yourself and your partner about these feelings before they become reality.
  • Fun – Life is more enjoyable when you can have some fun. There are fun moments in all of our lives, even during the hard times. Look for those! Share them with your partner! Make an effort to have fun with your partner and you’ll create joy.

Lisa Locke

I am the author of the book Blockbuster Love: Lessons from the Movies on How to Create Lasting Love. In addition to being an author and artist, I am also a psychotherapist with a private practice in Burbank, CA. I am passionate about helping couples and individuals build strong healthy relationships and would welcome the opportunity to help you too. To schedule an appointment call 818-806-9170.
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