Reasons to date your spouse, dating after marriage

Dating After Marriage: 7 Reasons to Date Your Spouse


Dating doesn’t stop just because you tie the knot!

  1. Dating is fun - People love dating for a reason: it’s fun! You’re doing new things, enjoying old things, making memories. Why not keep doing it?
  2. Dating builds love - Dating helped to build the loving relationship that you have now, and if you keep doing it then it will continue to build for as long as you date your spouse.
  3. Dating refocuses you - Couples can often struggled to get time together that’s not focused on some activity that keeps life going (work, kids, housekeeping,) Dating lets you press the reset button on stress and anxiety from life.
  4. Dating add spice - Dating reconnects those romantic sparks in your relationship. It encourages you to be attracted to your spouse and gives you the opportunity to have that physical connection that’s so important.
  5. Dating shows care - After a long time together, couples don’t always work to impress their partners. Dating encourages you to put effort into yourself for them.
  6. Dating reminds you - Sometimes we need to be reminded of why we fell in love with our spouse, when times are hard and life is getting in the way. Dating brings those feel good memories back and reminds you of why you love your spouse.
  7. Dating keeps it fresh - When you do something together, you’re expanding your relationship. A new movie or a new restaurant keeps your life together fresh and interesting, though your life is full of routine.

Lisa Locke

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